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    I know you’ve seen this scenario, special occasion is coming up, and you’re wondering what that person wants.  You call and ask, ‘Sooo what would you like for (fill in special occasion)’.

    Well this idea came about as a way to help me with knowing the items my wife would like for her birthday, christmas, anniversary, etc.  As I started to get this developed I figured this could help other people, like me, that are just not thrilled about guessing what someone may want.  Always have that fear that they may not like it or already have it.  At least with the ability to see someone’s wish list, you can either pick something from that list or get an idea for something that you know the person would probably enjoy.

    Also added the ability to share a shopping list with the other person that helps you keep food in the kitchen.  Takes away that ‘I didn’t know we needed that’ remark, cause as long as you have it on your shopping list, they can see it when they’re at the store.

    The wish list and the shopping list can have different friends, cause everyone doesn’t need to know you need milk.  🙂

    Hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.  Enjoy, and feedback that will make this application better is always appreciated and encouraged.

    Click on Wish List Lite to get the android app

    Sorry, but there isn’t a link for the iPhone app any more. They charge $99/yr just to have the app available.  With most people using the lite version the app does not pay for itself to be in the iPhone store.  Again, sorry.


    Some Features

    • You can create multiple lists
    • The wish lists will be shared with friends
    • The shopping list can be shared/unshared with friends
    • Holding down on an item will give options for rename, delete, text size, style, and background colors
    • In the shopping list, holding down on an item will also have a delete checked option
    • In most areas of the app, tapping the house button at the top will take you back to the home page
    Updates for revision 2.1
    • The lists for your friends was accessible by going into the Wishes, this has changed and is now accessible from the Friends on the main page
    • Screenshot attachments are expandable to fill the screen on your phone
    • Shopping items now retain the price you enter so if you delete an item and re-add it again the price will still be there
    • When entering the wish list it opens to show all of your wish list(s)
    • An alert comes up alerting you to a friend request and a shopping list request
    • iPhone shopping lists and shopping list items do not use up as much space on the screen as they did before



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